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YES – Phase One

January 14, 2017

MU Health YES – Phase One · Despite being the only academic health center in mid-Missouri, MU Health was not exercising its academic muscle. Prairie Dog|TCG captured its relentless, optimistic spirit with YES, a bold and hopeful campaign focusing on MU Health’s never-before-seen, life-changing research and medicine.   ‘Yes’...

YES – Phase Two

January 13, 2017

MU Health YES – Phase Two · Follow-up research told us that MU Health’s YES – Phase One was a great success. YES – Phase Two begins the process of showing how YES impacts mid-Missouri and the world in life-changing ways. Immunotherapy, new cardiovascular drugs, 3-D vascular imaging and...

Joint Replacement

January 13, 2017

MU Health Joint Replacement · Most people tend to believe that joint replacement surgery is joint replacement surgery. Not so. At MU Health, orthopaedic surgeons bring a range of options to every patient situation. From Mizzou BioJointsm to anterior hip replacement and osteotomy, there are no routine treatments at...