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Jerry Hobbs


Tracy Humphreys

Senior Account Supervisor

Tina Wheeler

Senior Account Supervisor

Rachel Lupardus


Sara Smith


Lisa Phillips

Professional Practices Manager

Corey Shulda

Senior Creative Artist

Stacey Hodges

Account Supervisor

David Hejduk

Digital Analyst

Elsa Rainey

Account Manager

Jamie Keith

Senior Designer

Lindsy Dugan

Production Design Manager

Ryan Dillon

Group Creative Director

Amy McNeall

Senior Media Planner/Buyer

Ross Wuetherich

Group Creative Director

Kristin Phillips

Office Administrator

Vicki Stofer

Human Resources & Agency Services Director

Shelley Porter

Media Director

Marie Baldwin

Digital Art Director

Kim Steger

Accounting Specialist

Jayne Doyle

Production Services Manager

Chris Flowers

Agency Production Director

Brendan Kennedy

Group Creative Director

Brad Hamilton

Group Creative Director

Andrea Olsen

Media Planner/Buyer

Christina Renfroe

Account Executive

Josh Brewster

Vice President Public Relations

Jenny Stasi

Senior Public Relations Strategist


Positive Climate Committee

Jennifer Hollingshead

Vice President of Accounts