Driven by curiosity.

We can’t help it, we ask questions. That innate curiosity is a part of every one of the 70+ people here at Prairie Dog. And with a passion for health care challenges, we’re able to use that spirit of discovery to help our clients find solutions to their real business problems. After all, we wouldn’t be very good Prairie Dogs if we didn’t love digging.


As the President and co-founder of Prairie Dog, Jerry Hobbs brings more than 30 years of health care leadership and experience to the table. Jerry is a nationally recognized strategist, and clients have relied on his guidance to help shape everything from brand positioning to service line growth to strategic planning support and everything in between. Before founding Prairie Dog, he led marketing, planning and product development at a large Midwestern health system. He is a frequent speaker at national and regional conferences, including 15 SHSMD Annual Conferences. When he’s not working or traveling (or working while traveling), Jerry enjoys coaching his showcase baseball team and spending time with his grandson, Jackson, and new granddaughter, Josie.

Brian Reck, the Vice President of Prairie Dog, came to us in 2021 after more than 25 years working at SwedishAmerican Health System in Rockford Illinois, a division of UW Health. While there, he built brand preference and market share while leading communications efforts for the launch of a new heart hospital, regional cancer center, and women and children’s hospital. Brian’s inside experience provides a unique point of view into how health systems and hospitals can best leverage the strategic marketing, branding and creative resources of an agency partner. Outside of work, Brian enjoys traveling to new locales, running in all sorts of weather, and playing cribbage each night with his wife, Sue. Occasionally she even lets him win.

Tina Wheeler

Account Director

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Account Director

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Account Coordinator

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Group Creative Director

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Media Director

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Director of Integrated Channel Delivery

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Vice President Public Relations

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Video Production Manager

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Art Director

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Associate Creative Director

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Associate Design Director

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Senior Copywriter

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Senior Creative Artist

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