Driven by curiosity.

We can’t help it, we ask questions. We love finding out what makes things tick. Even what makes them break. That innate curiosity is a part of every one of the 60+ people here at Prairie Dog. And with a passion for health care challenges, we’re able to use that spirit of discovery and experimentation to help our clients find solutions that transcend the obvious. Besides, we wouldn’t be very good Prairie Dogs if we didn’t love digging.

The top dog

As the president and co-founder of Prairie Dog, Jerry brings more than 30 years of health care leadership and experience to the table. A nationally recognized strategist, Jerry has helped clients shape everything from global brand positioning to service line growth to strategic planning support and everything in between. Before founding Prairie Dog, he led marketing, planning and product development at a large midwestern health system. He is a frequent speaker at national and regional conferences, including 15 SHSMD Annual Conferences. When he’s not working or traveling (or working while traveling), Jerry enjoys coaching his showcase baseball team and spending time with his baby grandson, Jackson.

Tina Wheeler

Senior Account Supervisor

Tracy Humphreys

Senior Account Supervisor

Kim Cook

Senior Account Supervisor

Shelley Porter

Media Director

Ross Wuetherich

Group Creative Director

Andrea Olsen

Media Planner/Buyer

Corey Shulda

Senior Creative Artist

Jayne Doyle

Production Services Manager

Vicki Stofer

Human Resources & Agency Services Director

Lisa Phillips

Professional Practices Manager

Kim Steger

Accounting Specialist

Chris Flowers

Agency Production Director

Lindsy Dugan

Production Design Manager

Amber Nagle

Senior Digital Strategist

Kristin Phillips

Office Administrator

Brendan Kennedy

Group Creative Director

Amy McNeall

Senior Media Planner/Buyer

Marie Baldwin

Digital Art Director

Anna Evans

Senior Art Director

Sara Smith


Jamie Keith

Senior Designer

Josh Brewster

Vice President Public Relations

Scott Anderson

Production Designer

Ryan Dillon

Group Creative Director

Brad Hamilton

Group Creative Director

Josh McCoy

Director of Integrated Channel Delivery

Matt Blume

Video Production Manager

Christina Renfroe

Public Relations Strategist

Jenny Stasi

Senior Public Relations Strategist

Jason Patchett-Gillis


David Hejduk

Digital Analyst

Alex Esposito


Carolina Benitez

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kathy Davis

Senior Media Buyer/Planner

Rachel Lupardus


Kris Mercer


Stephanie Roesler

Media Planner/Buyer

Danny Rosenberg


Janelle Kelly

Production Designer

Katie (Office Dog)

Chief Barketing Strategist