Prairie Dog

You are a health care marketer. You eat change and uncertainty for breakfast.

Yes, you do.
It has never been easy to be a health care marketer, but you are resilient. You are rising. And your work has true value and meaning. When I started in the mid-’80s, our profession was limited to newsletters and press releases. Very few of us were at the table. Since then, we’ve worked hard and intelligently, supporting our recommendations with evidence, articulating our actions and proving our impact with measurable results. The voice of the health care marketer is more essential and more respected than ever before. Still, we never take anything for granted. We know that getting ahead in the health care industry is no easy feat.

It is a competition.
Every day you compete for internal respect, for market share, for hearts and minds. For more than 25 years, the Prairie Dog team has been right there in the trenches with you. Just doing our part to help you win. We’ve learned a few things and partnered with a lot of very smart health care marketers. This blog will focus on winning. Specifically, helping you to win as a health care marketer. We’ll offer our experiences, knowledge, advice and support to any and all health care marketers who might find it helpful.

Check back to read posts about clarity, respect, measuring, pushing back, sanity, creativity, branding, curiosity and more. We’re here as a resource for you. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to tackle.

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Jerry Hobbs